Personal Injury Lawyers in Tyler, TX & East Texas

Whether you're the one injured or facing a lawsuit, dealing with personal injury claims is taxing.

The Wilson Law Firm has years of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in all types of personal injury trial law cases.

Whether you've been injured in an accident or are facing a lawsuit, our Tyler, Texas, personal injury attorneys know the ins and outs of personal injury litigation. We fight so you get fair compensation.

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Personal Injury Attorney Services

Car Accident Cases: Our care accident lawyers help clients in pursuing claims related to car accidents, including collisions with other vehicles, pedestrian accidents, and more.

Trucking Accident Cases: Our trucking accident lawyers help clients involved in accidents with commercial trucks, including semi-trucks and tractor-trailers.

Product Liability Cases: Our personal injury attorneys pursue legal action on behalf of clients who have been injured due to defective products or equipment.

Statutory Claims: We address legal issues related to statutory claims, such as claims arising from violations of specific laws or regulations.

Insurance Contract Claims: We advocate for clients in disputes with insurance companies over coverage and compensation for personal injury claims.

Negligence and Intentional Tort Claims: Our personal injury lawyers handle claims involving negligence or intentional harm caused by individuals or entities.

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