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Insurance companies are contractually obligated to defend and indemnify policyholders for covered claims. If you’re a policyholder being sued for damages, facing a lawsuit can be daunting.

At the Wilson Law Firm in Tyler, Texas, we represent policyholders in these situations. Our experienced attorneys handle many cases, from auto collisions to slip-and-fall accidents to construction/residential incidents. We also have expertise in title insurance claims.

With our team on your side, you can trust that your rights and interests will be protected.

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Insurance Defense Lawyer Services

Representation of Policyholders: We provide legal representation and defense for policyholders who are sued for damages covered by their insurance policies.

Defense of Covered Claims: We defend policyholders against claims based on theories of negligence, strict product liability, and other legal issues.

Coverage Analysis: We conduct thorough analyses of insurance policies to determine coverage and insurers' obligations to defend and indemnify policyholders.

Title Insurance Claim Defense: We handle defense of title insurance claims, ensuring policyholders are protected in property transactions.

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