Oil & Gas Lawyer in Tyler, Texas & East Texas

In the dynamic energy industry, tackling legal issues can feel like a maze. From title disputes to complex transactions, big companies and individual landowners face unique challenges that can affect their success.

At the Wilson Law Firm, we understand the intricacies of the energy industry like no other. With a rich history rooted in the early days of oil and gas development in East Texas, our firm has been a trusted partner to:

  • Large And Small Oil Companies
  • Independent Producers And Operators
  • Landowners
  • Lenders
  • Public Entities

We are proud to provide transactional services and litigation support in practically all areas of energy industry operations.

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Oil & Gas Attorney Services

Title Examination and Opinions: Our attorneys conduct thorough title examinations and provide legal opinions on title issues related to oil and gas properties.

Lease Negotiation: We draft and negotiate oil and gas leases on behalf of clients, ensuring their interests are protected.

Acquisitions and Assignments: Our attorneys assist clients with acquisitions and assignments of oil and gas interests, facilitating smooth transactions.

Agreement Drafting: Our lawyers draft various agreements essential to energy industry operations, such as farmout, operating, unit, and partnership agreements.

Surface Use Agreements: We negotiate and draft agreements related to surface use and access for energy extraction activities.

Litigation Support: We provide litigation support in a wide range of energy-related disputes, including title disputes, breach of contract, business torts, drainage and development disputes, and disputes over document interpretation.

Multi-disciplinary Collaboration: We leverage our expertise in corporate, tax, employment law, and other areas to provide comprehensive solutions in complex energy transactions and litigation.

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