Estate & Trust Lawyers in Tyler, TX & East Texas

Dealing with estate and trust matters can be complex and sensitive.

Whether you're an executor or trustee facing claims or a beneficiary wanting to ensure things are done right, the Wilson Law Firm uses its years of estate and trust law experience to help.

Our estate & trust attorneys in Tyler, Texas represent executors and trustees in defending against claims, while also offering counsel on proper transactional procedures to minimize disputes. We also advocate for beneficiaries in seeking accountability and pursuing legal action against fiduciaries who fail in their duties.

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Estate & Trust Lawyer Services

Representation for Executors and Trustees: We provide legal representation and counsel to executors and trustees in defending against claims of breach of fiduciary duties and advising on proper transactional procedures.

Counseling for Executors and Trustees: We offer guidance and advice to executors and trustees on the propriety of transactions and steps to minimize disputes with beneficiaries.

Representation for Beneficiaries: We advocate for beneficiaries of estates and trusts in compelling accountings from executors and trustees, removing executors and trustees, and prosecuting lawsuits for breaches of fiduciary duties.

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